TTI Ray-Q, with its well over 30 years of experience, supports and implements some of today’s cutting edge technologies in the field of interconnect.  From the first design and development stages through manufacturing and project management to final installation, maintenance, retrofit and upgrade stages, TTI Ray-Q has successfully supported various and numerous worldwide projects in the fields of aerospace, defense and medical markets. In addition, over the years, TTI Ray-Q’s engineering department has authored and published various technical documents and professional written works,  in the field of interconnect. 

Interconnect systems engineering is an expert advice service.  TTI Ray-Q’s capabilities and vast experience in this field are harnessed to power and accommodate its customers’ interconnect requirements and needs, providing a full range of services, including:

Design and Development of Interconnect system

  • Electrical & Mechanical design
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Testing Techniques
  • Engineering Analysis
  • Prototyping and Feasibility Testing

Technical Support Specifications and Documentation

  • Working and Installation procedures
  • Electrical Ratings
  • Wire & Cable Electrical characteristics definition

Technical Training

  • Manufacturing and Working procedures
  • Tooling
  • Testing and Accessories

Inspection, Testing and Investigation Services

  • Electrical Performance
  • Mechanical Performance
  • Environment and Installation

Electrical power system consulting

  • Product and Process Development
  • Component Selection
  • Installation
  • Mechanical Behavior

Project Experience

  • Aerospace
  • Marine and Naval
  • Defense and Land Systems
  • Medical

Full Turnkey Solutions

  • In-house manufacturing of complex and unique systems.
  • Vendor Survey and out-sourcing
  • Customer Training