Supply Chain Management & Logistics Services
TTI Ray-Q believes that without offering a “right on the money” solution for all the supply chain needs of a customer, it does not fulfill his expectations. Therefore, TTI Ray-Q's highly qualified team in the fields of material management, logistics, supply chain management, and e-commerce, will offer a tailored and optimized supply chain model, designed for your needs, in order to  reduce your TCO (Total Cost Of Ownership) and significantly increase your supply chain reliability. From VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) to kitting, JIT (Just-In-Time) Solutions, Kanban etc, TTI Ray-Q is here to listen and work with you to help you accomplish your goals.

Customer Needs & Requirements - Analysis & Assessment
No two major supply chain engagements are alike.  TTI Ray-Q with its vast  experience in the field of electric & electronic components supply chain will help you avoid "reinventing the wheel" by spending time understanding your specific objectives as well as functional structure, strengths/weaknesses.

Inventory Remote Control
By holding buffers of components for a specific customer, we ensure that products are immediately available and allow for short term peaks in production demand as well as possible interruptions to the supply pipeline. Where an effective pipeline model is added, the buffer can be dynamically managed and considered either as “just –in-time” or as "just-in-case" to provide additional flexibility.

Kanban / JIT / STF / VMI Operating Methods
One of the most efficient methods of supplying electronic components is via a "pull" system, such as two bin Kanban or Re-Order point (Min / Max). Through these methods, a part is only ordered when a bin is emptied or the minimum quantity is reached. All order quantities and other details are pre-set by part count.  We can minimize transaction cost and inventory carrying cost by using our kanban analysis and order cycle modeling, see Inventory Modeling below.

Bar Coding & Custom Packaging
TTI Ray-Q can provide tailored bar code labels with any combination of relevant data in both machine and human readable form. These can provide significant benefits in the customer's goods receiving process. Additionally, our packing and delivery shipping functions are designed to supply product according to individual requirements. An example is daily or weekly consolidated shipments, or specific packaging /conditioning.

EDI blends well with traditional purchasing styles, as well as existing Kanban supply for the higher value components.  It introduces speed, administration efficiency, and improved quality. At TTI Ray-Q we have made EDI considerably easier with the development of the most comprehensive PC-based EDI package in the marketplace.

Forecast /MRP Sharing
EDI allows the efficient transfer of large quantities of data and has facilitated another supply chain methodology that TTI Ray-Q has successfully implemented with a large number of customers. The customer's MRP forecast is automatically uploaded to our business system and passes through to our own purchase orders on component manufacturers. This frequently proves to be the most effective supply planning model, especially when coupled with sophisticated analysis tools to identify trends, spikes, and errors, making automatic decisions based on pre-defined parameters.

Localized Inventory Programs
TTI Ray-Q is the acknowledged worldwide market leader in partnering with customers to develop manned, unmanned, and hub stores of all kinds. These can range from "consignment stock," whereby TTI Ray-Q's own stock is held at the customer's site, with ownership transfer when the product is consumed, to a fully-serviced and manned, in-plant store, where TTI Ray-Q completely manages the supply chain and materials management functions on behalf of a customer.